Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Week 5

Hey everyone, So this is the last email from the MTC, which I am extremely excited about. I'm really looking forward to talking to real investigators, seeing the city, not having classes ...and perhaps parting ways with a few certain individuals. I honestly tried hard to not see my companion as a burden, but I'm truly convinced that God put me with him mainly for the purpose of learning patience. As I mentioned last week, we went up to Salt Lake on thursday to do some stuff for our visas at the Mexican consulate. I realized that we really don't get a taste of what it's like there at all down in happy little Alpine, there are people there of all shapes and sizes and completely different backgrounds. It made me think about how important spreading the light that we have is, but it was also strange to be in my suit and nametag outside of the little MTC bubble, I guess it's weird to feel everyone noticing you as those crazy mormon preachers out in the world where you used to more or less blend in. Earlier this week we were talking to a worker here who also went to Mexico City. I remember he said that it's worth it to eat the street food and get sick once and also to never drink the papaya juice. He also mentioned that the reason they tell you to bring a sweater is because it's cold in the mornings, but other than that the temperature is really moderate year round. It's ok if it takes a while since this is the last week, I can just use my suit jacket if it's really cold (speaking of which, he mentioned that I should tell you to put stickers of crosses or Jesus on any boxes you send me because people will be afraid to steal them). Obviously everyone was asking him about getting mugged, and he mainly told us we won't encounter much trouble as long as we're not looking for it. (before I forget, I'm almost out of toothpaste and also my toothbrush is starting to look more like a white thistle) Thanks for all the letters/messages/food. It's really good to hear encouragement and also everything that's going on with everyone. For Grandma, I finally met Simon at the devotional yesterday. I was really hoping I'd get to see him once and we just happened to sit close enough that I noticed him as we were leaving. He said he barely recognized me with my hair so short. I haven't managed to get through all the letters from the family yet, I'm glad that the reunion went well. I hope Oma is alright. For mom's questions, our ward is all spanish speaking and yes we have a few sisters, there won't be any sisters in Mexico City though, also yes all the elders in my district are in the same mission as me. On other topics of interest, I reluctantly approve of the piper who has enchanted my sister. Yes, Ryan, he is a girly man because he plays flute, but keep in mind that our taste in television over the past two years wasn't exactly the epitome of manliness either. Emily, I laughed pretty hard about people's comments when you're texting him. Even though I was never in a "real" relationship people would always make a huge deal about any girl I was remotely associated with. I guess that's our curse for being introverted. And no I'm not going to ask you to stop drawing pictures, we'll have to see if you manage to never run out of characters... Tyler, thanks for telling me about Genshai. Making people feel small is a good way to sum up all the bad things people can do to each other. I think people usually try to make others feel small because they want to feel like they're big. Everyone wants to feel like they're big in one way or another. Love you all! -Elder Jones

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