Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 3

Hello everyone,
first off, thank you very much for all the letters and emails.  Your support is a big encouragement when I'm feeling down.
I probably won't have time to write a sincere reply to Brother and Sister Jensen today so I hope you'll tell them that their words really meant a lot to me.
Things have gotten at least a little bit better.  I realized after my last email that in the busy schedule of the MTC I had forgotten my own advice in relying on the scriptures.  I've found that my mood very much depends on if I've read the scriptures or not, and have been learning to "thirst" for it more truly than ever before.
Praying for my companion has helped also, I've learned that I need to thank god for him even when I'm not really thankful.  There are multiple instances in the scriptures that really hit me when prophets say "this is a wise purpose in the Lord, which purpose I know not."
Your letters really helped me a lot and I'm feeling better now even though it's still hard.
I was really encouraged by your letter, Oma.  My companion isn't nearly as bad as yours sounded, though he's more or less of a handful.  I guess I should be thankful that he doesn't go into fits of rage and cuss at me.
If nothing else, I'll at least learn patience and be thankful for contrasting qualities in future companions.
Sorry I didn't reply to you last week, Grandma, I'm really pressed for time here.  It's really great to hear what's going on with everyone.  I'm praying for Grandpa, and I hope you guys tell Lexie that she's amazing and I know she'll do great.
To my immediate family - I always love the packages of letters you send me and also the unhealthy food
Ryan, I hope you know I really love you and I'm going to miss you for 3 years, I hope you do the best to be the example now and don't crash mom's car too many times.  I know you'll do great in life at whatever you choose to dedicate yourself to.
Emily, thanks a lot for your letter, I couldn't breathe for a good 20 seconds, I really miss you (and once again don't touch any boys they're all evil)
Tyler, your words of wisdom were great as always, I'm pretty sure you're a carbon copy of me except smarter.  Don't get discouraged about piano, it was hard for me to not just see music as a chore until nobody was forcing me to practice anymore, just try to see it less as a repetitive job and more as a form of art
To Mom and Dad
Thank you for your endless support.  I went through that checklist Dad made for me filling in every box and realized that I should stop worrying about me so much, because this isn't about me.  Thanks for all your help and for your prayers.  Even though I'm in a bit of a ditch right now, I know there's more to this that's still maybe just beyond my sight.
(oh and yes I really love the fish tie, I'll think of Ryan whenever I'm wearing it now)
Love Elder Jones

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  1. Great letter. We love you and are praying for you Elder Jones. We missed you at the family reunion. Courtney, Rachel, Zach and Ryan were the oldest and they really missed having you, Nate and Chase there. We are proud of you for serving a mission. I know how hard it is but also worthwhile. Love, Aunt Pam