Thursday, July 11, 2013

Week 2

week 2

(I forgot to tell you last week, Sonja asked me to make sure that she's on the mailing list, oh and also I've been worried that the steel strings on my acoustic guitar will bend the bridge over time, I'll have more peace of mind if someone loosens them)
Hey everyone, thanks a lot for the letters and the food.  (sorry mom about your m&m's, I'll think of you when I eat them)
and also thanks a lot for the pictures, the family pictures and Erik's picture of his new convert.  I didn't really realize how much I miss you all before seeing your faces again.
The language has been getting better.  Our first "investigator", Daniel, turned out to actually be our second teacher, Brother Zuzunaga.  I really like him, he has this permanent smile and he has this way of responding to people in a way that forces us to be real with the things we say, It's sortof hard to explain, I guess he's just a real no-bull kind of guy.  He says he doesn't believe me when I say I'm discouraged about the language, I guess I just have to believe in myself more.
Anyway, as of now both of our teachers have been playing investigator.  From what I've heard they usually act out people that they taught on their own missions.
For mom, we only go up to main campus for the tuesday night devotional and on p-day for buying stuff and haircuts, and also this morning we went there for some decent food.  We have a place here where we go to church and also watch the sunday night talks via broadcast.  There's always plenty of room in the laundry room and our cafeteria is small and quiet although its menu is also small, supposedly they're building a new cafeteria here which will be done next week.  The stream isn't running right now, I've heard various speculations as to why, but there aren't any ducks, just some dirty puddles.
I guess not much has changed in the past week, thank you everyone for their love and support, and also if Brother Pierce doesn't get this someone please let him know that I'm really thankful for his letter and I hope to see him again.
Love Elder Jones.

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