Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 7

So I´m already past my hour from reading and replying to other emails, I still have more people to reply to, and I´m not sure I´ll have time to say much of anything, but my companion is still occupied by something so I guess we´ll see if it manages to last him for another 20ish minutes. The language is getting a little better, I can often understand basic questions from people and I can teach most concepts moderately well albeit with the dialogue of a 5 year old. I´ve realized that my companion in the MTC was truly a blessing in disguise, because if I´d had a companion that I really liked I would probably be extremely annoyed by his high expectations of me, but instead I have to remind myself to be thankful that his attitude is ...different (I´m forcing myself not to name all the things I hated about my previous companion). Anyway, he´s the right amount of silly for me so we have fun together a lot of the time. Oh and also Emily he´s planning on marrying you someday so I hope you like older guys from central America. For mom´s questions, yes we have a lot of investigators here, we have not yet been tracting since I´ve been here, and there will be another baptism this saturday of a kid named Omar in a family we´re teaching, I´m not completely sure but it sounded like he said he wanted me to do the baptism. I really love the kids here, they´re really cute and they all love me, even though I can´t understand most of what they say to me. Our apartment is decently nice although it has those popcorn-like walls and ceiling that shed onto the floor really quickly. Our bathroom is really awful but I´m getting used to it. We don´t have a maid, and no there isn´t really any real cooking at all. The beds aren´t that comfortable but neither were the ones in the MTC so it´s alright for me. We just go to a little shop to use the computers, and yeah I have an hour do do anything I want to (though I´m managing to use more this time). We have a chapel for church and the ward is a decent size for being outside of the US. I don´t know our exact address but I (and my companion) will eat any amount of unhealthy food in whatever package you manage to send. so I´ve gotta go now so I´ll try to cover anything I missed next week love you all! -Elder Jones

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